Australian progressive black metal band CLARET ASH presents the first of a two-part EP series

CLARET ASH presents the first of a two-part EP series entitled as “The Great Adjudication”. Split into two parts, Fragment One is scheduled to release on 30/03/2017 as limited 12” vinyl, with Fragment Two to follow on 30/03/2018 as a digital release and on September, 2018 as limited 12” vinyl.

EP Fragment One previews the direction in sound for the album and overall has a much rawer production when compared to the previous album The Cleansing, this adds to more of a naturally brutal sound. When the EP’s are combined, “The Great Adjudication” album will contain 12 tracks in total, guiding you through the widening divide between a profligate human race and a natural world struggling to maintain balance.

A limited digipak release will follow on 30/04/2018, and will contain all 12 tracks from both EP Fragment One and Fragment Two.

While citing black/extreme metal acts such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Ulver and Enslaved as major influences, CLARET ASH have incorporated blackened-death elements, reminiscent of late Behemoth, Dark Fortress, and The Great Old Ones.

The thought provoking concept of humanity’s interactions with nature told on their previous album “The Cleansing” has continued with this album. Themes and imagery have expanded as new stories developed to lead listeners on a journey to “The Great Adjudication”, the retaliation and judgement of the natural world of our trespasses against it.

Line up:
James Edmeades – Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals (The Noose)
Nick McCauley -Bass
Josh Pearse – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals (The Noose)
Stuart Nulty – Drums and Percussion