cover, track list and first single revealed from the upcoming ENDLESS’s new album

Next month of May will be released through Necromance Records “Mad Sick Mind”, the new studio album from ENDLESS. This album have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Enrique Prieto at UNTIL NOW STUDIOS; the cover haven been made by Enrique Prieto too and all the photos to be included in the booklet by Darkyrie.
This album, the fourht one in the discography of ENDLESS, will be the first one with Darkyrie on vocals.

The cover and the track list are the following ones:

Destroy My Life
I Convince Myself Again
Where Is Your God?
Mad Sick Mind
Part of God
Memories Cut Skin Deep
I Feel Nothing
Inner Beast
Know Yourself (taken from CD “Duality Of personality”)
Last Dream (taken from CD “Duality Of personality”)
The Extinction Of The Species (taken from CD “The Seventh Revelation”)

“Destroy My Life” is the track choosed to be the first single from this album: