DEATHCULT (NOR) unleashes new song

Norwegian Black Metallers DEATHCULT, consisting of Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake), have unleashed a song from their upcoming new album.

Check out “Ascension Rite” below:

“Cult Of The Goat”, the band’s second full-length, will be released on 15th December 2017 via Soulseller Records and was recorded at renowned Grieghallen Studios and engineered by Eirik “Pytten” Hundvin.

This is cruel Norwegian Black Metal at its best!

1. Climax Of The Unclean
2. Bloodstained Ritual
3. Ascension Rite
4. Man Versus Beast
5. The Oath
6. Devilgoat
7. Laudate Hircum

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