DISEMBOWEL set release date for IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS debut album

Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 2nd, 2018 as the international release date for Disembowel‘s highly anticipated debut album, “Plagues and Ancient Rites”, on vinyl LP format.

Hailing from the cult-metal hotbed of Chile, Disembowel are very much a summation of their homeland’s ancient death metal and black metal traditions. That much was violently portrayed across their Act of Invocation MCD released in early 2017 by Iron Bonehead – gnarly, ghastly, grinding, gross – but here on their full-length debut, the power-trio extend further all the extremes which made that EP such a sulphurous blast. Draped in an ominous cloud of utter doom, Plagues and Ancient Rites soon approximates its very title: scabrous and hysteric energy coursing the pitch-blackest of metals, foul and fetid textures from death metal’s deepest sewers, and a subtly ceremonial, spell-like seamlessness uniting the two. Its nine tracks compactly exude all the diabolism and devilishness for which Chilean black/death is known, and after 35 minutes, Disembowel emerge as the true Lovecraftian horrors that they are.

Disembowel have opened the portals, and their Plagues and Ancient Rites are about to commence… The first manifestation of these dread rites is “IA! IA! Nyarlathotep!” which can be heard below.

1. Intro – Innsmouth Evocation
2. Lord Of Shadows
3. IA! IA! Nyarlathotep!
4. The Pact With The Sect Of The Sea
5. Los Antiguos Eran….Los Antiguos
6. Plagues Of The Ancient Rites
7. The Ancient Cult Of Cthulhu
8. En el Abismo
9. Antra Gnomorum


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