Egypt’s CRESCENT sign with LISTENABLE RECORDS and announce new album details

LISTENABLE is extremely excited to welcome CRESCENT, a very hard working band and death metal pioneers in their own country.

CRESCENT was formed in 1998 by Ismaeel Attallah and Amr Mokhtar with the infatuation by bands like Death, Bolt Thrower and particularly the Swedish Black Metal scene.
They performed in various gigs in Cairo and Alexandria, mainly performing a few original songs along with a dedicated set list of Dissection songs. Abruptly, they decided to wipe it off completely and to work on achieving a style that marks their own sound. That new inception needed persistence and time on a journey seeking CRESCENT’s identity.

CRESCENT recorded their debut album ‘Pyramid Slaves’ in 2013, which totally embraced the Black/Death Metal genre mixed with of their Egyptian sound. ‘Pyramid Slaves’ uniqueness in composition and writing stands on its own for its richness in melodies and complexities. It tackles versatile subjects like Egyptian mythology, wars, religion, Human nature and how history clearly repeats itself till today in nuances.

As The first Egyptian band to tour Europe. CRESCENT covered Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Czech Republic. CRESCENT is the first Metal band from Egypt to tour Europe. Shortly after, they won the local Wacken Metal Battle and represented Egypt for the first time at Wacken Open Air 2014. Following are other festival appearances like Inferno in Norway, Rockstadt in Romania, headlining Metalhead in Ukraine, Fall of Summer… CRESCENT has managed to acquire a slot at many festivals across Europe without the help of any booking agency. They did it themselves by letting their music speak for itself, carving their own way.

Reaching a new level of maturity in striking a new balance between aggression and melody. ‘The Order of Amenti’ is a tribute to the Ancient Egyptian gods. It is their thought of contribution to Egypt and to the Metal world as they have always wanted to create something to pay homage to their history and country.
Mixed and mastered at Vamacara studio in France, with its artwork created by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc, CRESCENT’s ‘The Order of Amenti’ is scheduled for a February 2018 release on Listenable records!

01 – Reciting Spells To Mutilate Apophis
02 – Sons Of Monthu
03 – Obscuring The Light
04 – Through the Scars Of Horus
05 – The Will Of Amon-Ra
06 – Beyond The Path Of Amenti
07 – The Twelfth Gate
08 – In The Name Of Osiris

Ismaeel Attallah – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Youssef Saleh – Backing Vocals/Guitar
Moanis Salem – Bass Guitar
Amr Mokhtar – Drums

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