EVIL DRIVE, first single and video clip released

The Finnish female fronted metal band EVIL DRIVE are going to release their new album “Ragemaker” on March 30th, 2018 via Reaper Entertainment Europe.

Today, the band has released a video clip and first digital single “Fire Is Her Name”.

The video was produced by Finnish video director Tino-Viljami Vanhala in September 2017.

The band states:

“Fire Is Her Name” traditional and straightforward band video. We believe that the song itself is strong enough to carry on through the song with no useless tricks or gimmicks. It‘s a kind of old-school video, it‘s simple but it also a bit splashy at the same time. “Fire Is Our Name” is our first video with no actual script, and it was a refreshing way to work this way for a change. Maybe there will be more like this in the future or then not?

Singer Viktoria adds:

“Fire Is Her Name,” tells about a woman, “a Devil woman.” She is a strong, beautiful, explosive and unpredictable woman. Today she can be a lovely lady and tomorrow the devil has to pay. She has a goal, and she is committed to doing it. But nobody doesn’t know how or when she will achieve her goal. Maybe it goes over; you can never know? When I started work these lyrics, I had no ambition to write anything with this name. I just took a pen and paper and wrote down the words. Perhaps those just escaped from the dark corners of my mind? If I’m speaking frankly, this character is a bit like me in real”.

“Ragemaker” will be available as CD-Digi, colored Vinyl and digital!

1. Intro (The Rage Is Rising)
2. Anti-Genocide
3. The System Is Dead
4. Fight To Die
5. Legends Never Die
6. Ragemaker
7. Fire Is Her Name
8. There Is No God
9. Run Through The Dark
10. Suicide Nation
11. Killed by Death (Motörhead Cover)

If you think about how long it takes for some bands to get a foothold in the music business and to present themselves to countless fans worldwide, you should have a lot of respect for EVIL DRIVE. The Finish quintet was founded in 2013, exactly five years ago, and mastered the first hurdles on their way to the big stages brilliantly.
The sold out debut album “The Land Of The Dead” was released in January 2016 and manages that EVIL DRIVE becomes one of the most talked of bands in the underground. Their unique blend of melodic death metal with thrash metal elements and strong female vocals have quickly made them a favorite for fans and critics alike.

Viktoria Viren – Vocals
Ville Viren – Guitar
Juha Beck – Drums
Marko Syrjala- Bass
J-P Pusa -Guitar