FALCONER featured with an interview [issue #1]

The sharp attack of a twin guitar duel, varied vocals, blasting drums and a pounding bass on A less folk oriented power metal album. A return to the roots of metal!
“Black Moon Rising” is an album that pushes again FALCONER to the top of the Power Metal scene.

Stefan Weinerhall shared with us his thoughts of ending the band.

“For a while I didn’t care about music or the band at all since I had my mind elsewhere. We have never been a very active band in between albums so I never felt any pressure to come up with material. I did feel that everyone including fans, label etc expected an album every second or third year. For a while I thought that I should end Falconer since I had no feel, inspiration or goals for the band I were to continue.”

The image is a sample page of the 4 page interview.