Mysterious Swiss black metal monstrosity DSKNT to unveil debut album, “PhSPHR Entropy”, via CLAVIS SECRETORVM

The band’s striking debut album, “PhSPHR Entropy”, is set for international release on December 4th via Clavis Secretorvm. Hear DSKNT‘s the previously-revealed ‘Resurgence of Primordial Void Aperture’ song below

DSKNT creates hermetic, opaque, experimental, polymorphic, and abstract black metal exclusively glorifying and worshipping the annihilation of all existence. With almost enviable ease, each of the six sinuous tracks comprising “PhSPHR Entropy” slither into existence and work their serpentine magick. Each one’s a mountain to behold, with catacombs beneath stretching for miles, and every step submerged into its 42-minute depths proves ever more potent and poignant – and punishing, both physically and spiritually.

DSKNT was officially born in 2013 as the audial subdivision of DSKNT Industry, which is involved in the arts via several ways, such as recording, music composition, and design creation. The main goal of this scission was to build up the noise-shaped personal face of mainman Asknt’s implication in music creation.

Pushing away the traditional black metal way of thinking, DSKNT‘s debut album, “PhSPHR Entropy”, features some material composed short after the break-up of his previous band Ab Occulto in 2010, reworked during 2011-2013, and bolstered by new tracks. In December 2016, the vocalist of Antiversum, signed to Invictus Productions, joined the act to perform vocals on DSKNT’s future releases. During summer of 2017, a video trailer for “S.O.P.O.R,” the second track of “PhSPHR Entropy”, was revealed on YouTube platform. During the same period, the track was part of a special compilation issued by Via Omega zine in USA. DSKNT is currently working on two forthcoming split releases, which should be available in 2018.

In the meantime, hear the previously-revealed “Resurgence of Primordial Void Aperture” song above.

1. Exhaling Dust
2. S.O.P.O.R
3. Kr. Vy. Rites
4. Kr. Vy. Portals
5. Resurgence Of Primordial Void Aperture
6. PhSPHR Entropy

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