PRIMORDIAL release official videoclip for ‘Babel’s Tower’!

New album “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” out now!

Irish Metallers PRIMORDIAL have just released their first professionally filmed and edited video clip in the history of the band. The clip is for the song “Babel’s Tower”!

Comments the band: “It was really about time right? This far down the road that we made our first video eight albums in. So we trusted Gareth Averill and crew who also made our DVD a couple of years back. The traditional band jamming in a warehouse scenario was not something that entered our heads, we wanted something broad and cinematic, something visually striking and arresting. So we spent a couple of cold and windswept days standing on the side of a mountain in Ireland. Here you have it, and about time…”

PRIMORDIAL have made quite an impact at the German press with their latest offering “Where Greater Men Have Fallen”! The album has won the soundchecks in all four major metal magazines, namely METAL HAMMER, ROCK HARD, DEAF FOREVER and LEGACY! This is the first time ever this is happening, congrats to PRIMORDIAL!

Make also sure to surf over to to check out the lyric video to the title track “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” and to order your copy of the album which is available as a limited CD+DVD Digibook as well as jewelcase-CD and on different vinyl formats and colours. There is also a limited deluxe edition wooden boxset including the CD+DVD Digibook, an exclusive 7″, a leather wristband, a poster and a certificate of authenticity.

An eight track, fifty-eight minute magnum opus, “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” was recorded at Grouse Lodge in Dublin with Jaime Gomez (Cathedral, Angelwitch, Grave Miasma) and delivers some of the band’s deepest, most methodically arranged, thematically profound and plainly gripping compositions of their winding catalog of sonic enormity.

“Where Greater Men Have Fallen” track listing:
1 Where Greater Men Have Fallen
2 Babel’s Tower
3 Come The Flood
4 The Seed Of Tyrants
5 Ghosts Of The Charnel House
6 The Alchemist’s Head
7 Born To Night
8 Wield Lightning To Split The Sun