THYRGRIM new album “Vermächtnis”, trailer and details released

“Vermächtnis”, the new and sixth album of German Black Metallers THYRGRIM, will be released via Trollzorn Records on 29th September 2017.

Hate, void, grief, anger. THYRGRIM´s music is born from the simplest, most primal emotions, and reflects the deepest pits of human existence in every single song.
Raw and direct, without compromises. THYRGRIM present a wide-ranging style, covering almost all musical directions of Black Metal. It can’t be classified!

Check the album trailer.

1. Die Heilung dieser Welt
2. Frühlingsdämmerung
3. Die ewige Suche
4. Das Dunkel meiner Seele
5. Ich sehe euch brennen
6. Sklaven eines toten Gottes
7. Pfade der Vergänglichkeit
8. Gefangen im Wandel
9. Sterbend 3
10. Das Ende einer Reise
11. Offenbarung

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