WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM premiere new song ‘Mother Owl, Father Ocean’

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM will release their “Thrice Woven” LP on September 22nd
They are mere days away from the release of their sixth LP Thrice Woven, and they’ve revealed another track from the 5-track collection. ‘Mother Owl, Father Ocean’ offers a lull from the album’s Cascadian black metal lean thanks to a lush wall of ambient noise and gauzy vocals from Norwegian singer Anna von Hausswolff. A duet with Sweden’s Anna Von Hausswolf, the ambient track is a companion to the previously released single “Angrboda”.

“Making music with Anna Von Hausswolff was a true gift. When I close my eyes and listen to Anna’s voice I see the cold grey oceans of the north. It reminds me of the saltwater near my beloved home, and the cold oceans everywhere. Hail to the Icy Waters of this Earth! Hail Anna!”

commented Wolves In The Throne Room.

Since their 2002 formation, Wolves In The Throne Room have released over 5 studio albums with hundreds of live performances—reinterpreting black metal through their own prism. Intimately linked to the wild expanse of the Pacific Northwest, their songs explore the hidden world of magic that one accesses through dreams, visions and music. Now, a portal into the dreamworld of Wolves In The Throne Room opens again with their forthcoming sixth LP, Thrice Woven — a glorious return to the blazing and furious Black Metal that they alone can create.

Thrice Woven will be released on September 22 via the band’s own label, Artemisia Records. Catch Wolves In The Throne Room on the road in North America with Pillorian this fall.

Thrice Woven, Track Listing
1. Born from the Serpent’s Eye
2. The Old Ones Are With Us
3. Angrboda
4. Mother Owl, Father Ocean
5. Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon

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