AD HOMINEM set release date for new OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS album

Osmose Productions sets April 13th as the international release date for Ad Hominem‘s highly anticipated sixth album, Napalm For All.

The southern French project Ad Hominem was created in 1998 by Kaiser W., whose intention was to defy the current black metal standards. Two demos and four years later, the first full-length, Planet Zog – The End (2002), was released and proclaimed Ad Hominem as one of the most extreme black metal bands coming out of France, by combining provocative lyrics with thrashy martial vibes. The following year, the album A New Race For A New World (2003) came out through the German label Undercover Records – this time, with a session drummer – and confirmed the band’s notoriety.

The success of this second opus caught the attention of bigger labels, and three 7” splits later, Kaiser W. contracted with Avantgarde Music to release what would be a major turn in Ad Hominem’s discography: Climax Of Hatred (2005). The Italian label also released the MCD Theory: 0, which proposed the only official video clip of the band so far. Then Dictator – A Monument Of Glory saw the light in 2009 through the controversial label Darker Than Black Records. From that point, Kaiser W. raised a solid lineup and Ad Hominem became vigorously active onstage.

After a long silence, a MCD containing remixed songs from Dictator by Greek EBM project Preemptive Strike 0.1 was unleashed in 2013 by Darker Than Black, jointly titled Slaves Of God To The Gallows. Freshly signed to Osmose Productions, at long last came the critically acclaimed Antitheist, which saw Ad Hominem at its rawest and nastiest.

Now on its second album with Osmose Productions, 20 years after its creation, the most controversial French black metal project proposes a pure black ‘n’ roll album, yet more brutal than its previous one. A divine mockery, not to be missed! A return to the divine classic Climax of Hatred and Dictator albums!

Hear for yourself with the title track, “Napalm For All” below.

2. I Am Love
3. Consecrate the Abomination
4. Napalm for All
5. Goatfucker
6. V. Is the Law
7. Imperial Massacre
8. Bomb the Earth
9. You Are My Slut
10. Vatican Gay