NEKROKRAFT spins out first single ‘Mouth of Ahriman’

‘Mouth of Ahriman’ is the first single from Nekrokraft‘s upcoming full-length debut album Servants. The track opens the album that is lyrically inspired by ancient mythology, both early Babylonian and Scandinavian folklore. It’s a modern take on old-school blackened thrash that fills the air with a putrid stench of aggression, melody, groove, anxiety, and disgust. Mouth ov Ahriman is out now on all digital sites and the album is set for release the 4th of May on The Sign Records.


Nekrokraft has previously released their mini-album “Will o’ Wisp” and their demo compilation “Witches Funeral”. Frontman Angst is currently sharing his time between Nekrokraft and Swedish trash legends Witchery who recruited him in 2016. Nekrokraft is set for their first European dates in may upon the release of “Servants”. The band is confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2018.