This product version includes: Printed version of the magazine and sampler CD + access to a digital version of the magazine through download links (PDF format and the sampler CD in mp3 320kbps format)

English written magazine, composed by 92 full colour glossy pages, Sampler CD & 2 Posters

Highlights on this issue range from features again with some of the top acts of the metal scene, like UNLEASHED, MASSACRE, CARCASS, ARCHGOAT, HELHEIM, LOCK UP or one of the most ominous black metal band CORPUS DIAVOLIS but also covering underground gems like HEGEMON, SARCASM, VORTEX OF END, SERVANT, MORTE INCANDESCENTE, KNIFE or the dinosaur driven concept from the Canadians ÜLTRA RAPTÖR between many others.

It also features a 2-page label report from DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS showing why its important young blood behind the record industry, a mixtape done by PROFANATICA/HAVOHEJ mastermind PAUL LEDNEY, an extensive 2-page dissection of the early OVERKILL first albums, plus all sort of regular sections and a 78 minutes sampler CD featuring songs from bands that will satiate your headbanging needs.


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92 pages (A4 size – 21 x 29,7 cm), full colour, printed on glossy paper, English written
78 minutes Sampler CD plus 2 posters – Unleashed / Archgoat


Unleashed, Archgoat, Corpus Diavolis, Massacre, Carcass, Gold Spire, Iskandr, Vortex Of End, Servant, Lock Up, Morte Incandescente, Sarcasm, Svpremacist, Knife, Otargos, Chaoshorde, Arvas, Extreme Cold Winter, Frightful, Ültra Raptör, Häxkapell, Reek, Helheim, Hegemon, Stagewar, Hunters Moon and Plebeian Grandstand.


Underground Bangers – Prime selections that require immediate attention
Choice Cuts – An exquisite audio selection of bands on CD
Label Report – The young blood leading Dying Victims Productions
Devil’s Scriptures – Stories of Sentenced and Mayhem through truthful eyes
Diary Of A Metalhead – Ramblings of a mind plagued by the devil’s music
Paintkiller – An easy-going approach to faulty artworks
Slice & Dice – Only the strongest will survive our scrutiny (+ 150 reviews)
Into The Depths With – The inescapable Atlantic years of the almighty Overkill
Mixtape – Paul Ledney shares his fundamental song selections

Sampler CD:

18 cuts that will make your ears bleed some more than others!
Corpus Diavolis, Archgoat, Helheim, Deimler, Servant, Deified Shreds, Ereb Altor, Putrevore, Otargos, Ültra Raptör, Svpremacist, Adoperta Tenebris, Reek, Stagewar, Redemptor, Thorn, Chaoshorde and Enforce

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