METALEGION #11 [digital version]


This product version includes:
access to a digital version of the magazine through download links (PDF format and the sampler CD in a zipped file which includes songs in high quality mp3 format + CD insert in PDF)

English written magazine, composed of 96 full-colour glossy pages, and Sampler CD

Highlights on this issue range from features again with some of the top acts of the metal scene, like WATAIN, LORD BELIAL, DEAD HEAD, WOLF, DESTRUCTION, MÅNEGARM but also covering underground gems like AARA, BLACK ALTAR, CRYPTIVORE, ANALEPSY, ARMORY, BÂ’A, EXCRUCIATE 666, DESECRESY or the deathly vocals of David Ingram’s latest ECHELON album between many others.

It also features a 2-page label report from INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS that underlines why Ireland is also a metal force, CHUCK BILLY shares some of his early memories prior to Testament, a mixtape done by Italian emblematic female vocalist CADAVERIA, an extensive 3-page feature with illustrator PEDRO “LORDIGAN” SENA where he talks about some his iconic designs, plus all sort of regular sections and a 78 minutes sampler CD featuring songs from bands that will satiate your headbanging needs.


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96 pages (A4 size – 21 x 29,7 cm), full colour, English written, 78 minutes Sampler CD


Watain, Aara, Lord Belial, Dead Head, Cryptivore, Vanum, Inner Darkness, Analepsy, Black Altar, Wolf, Deviltook, Armory, Echelon, Bâ’a, Desecresy, Destruction, Månegarm, Pedro “Lordigan” Sena, Headbanging Wine & Spirits, Excruciate 666, Pure Wrath, Diabolical Evil, Black Oath, Horror Within, Deathcrush, Rise To The Sky.


Underground Bangers – Prime selections that require immediate attention
Choice Cuts – An exquisite audio selection of bands on CD
Label Report – Releasing records with an Irish flavour, Invictus Productions
Devil’s Scriptures – Examining Opeth and playing with pop-up Sabbath narratives
Diary Of A Metalhead – Ramblings of a mind plagued by the devil’s music
Paintkiller – An easy-going approach to faulty artworks
Slice & Dice – Only the strongest will survive our scrutiny (+ 150 reviews)
Backstage – Exploring Chuck Billy’s world and the Testament effect
Mixtape – The strong will of Cadaveria and her fundamental song selections

Sampler CD:

16 cuts that will make your ears bleed some more than others!

01. Lord Belial – On a Throne of Souls
02. Aara – Sonne der Nacht
03. Dead Head – Acolyte
04. Desecresy – Cult of Troglodytes
05. Excruciate 666 – Antic Warlords Supremacy
06. Murder Worker – Nun Blood Jelly With Brain Sorbet
07. Black Altar – Sacrilegious Congregation
08. Rise to the Sky – Just Say Goodbye
09. Echelon – Of Witches and Wenches
10. Decrapted – Bleeding Devourment
11. Anatomy Of I – Day of Wrath
12. Diabolical Evil – Cursed by Blood (single version)
13. The Black Disorder – Katatonik Vortex
14. Upiór – Project Maruta
15. Obstetra – The Evolution Paradox
16. Tenebro – Dèmoni


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