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Promotional Material

Labels, bands, promoters, managers are invited to send promotional copies of their releases for review and possible interview purposes.
We try to feature all submitted promotional material, however have in mind that due to the high number of promotional submissions we only guarantee 100% inclusion of physical promos.
Still all bands/releases are considered for possible interviews and other type features.



All formats accepted: CD, Dvd, Blu-Ray, Vinyl, Tape.
Promotional packages should be mailed to:

Ricardo Azevedo
C/o Metalegion Magazine
Apartado 21
2746-901 Queluz

Write always Ricardo Azevedo first
Non EU countries, for customs purposes write GIFT on the envelope



Promos can be sent digitally, i.e. access to press areas of your website, using digital promo mail-outs (like Hear The Music, Haulix, etc), ftp accounts.
Try to include a press release/bio, photos

Requirements when submitting digital copies:
Lossless formats: FLAC, WAV
Lossy formats: MP3

Minimum bitrate quality: CBR 192 kbps or VBR V1
Recommended bitrate quality: CBR 256-320kbps / VBR V0

Make sure to add our releases/promo email to your press notifications/campaigns
promo AT metalegion DOT com


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