HEIDRA’s official new video “Lady Of The Shade”

Heidra are a Copenhagen based metal band playing a mix of melodic, black and power metal with folk-themed undertones, powerful choruses and brutal growls. Heidra has a strong following in the Danish folk/metal scenes with an established yet growing fan base and a rich gigging history around the country.

The band is currently on the eminence of releasing their second album entitled “The Blackening Tide” and today the video clip ‘Lady Of The Shade’ is officially released.

Official Statement of the band ( Carlos the guitar )

“For many years I’ve been wanting to make an epic video for the band. I’ve tried with other Heidra videos but I have never been able to really create that atmosphere and epicness I was looking for. A couple of years ago when I saw the Quiescent video from Shores of Null I just thought “damn that’s good!” and I knew I wanted to work with whoever made that video. Later I learned it was Martina and eventually got in touch with her and started planning for this video, and I was not disappointed! One thing we always had clear in the band is that even though we are a metal band that has an fantasy theme, we wanted to be more like the storytellers rather than the characters themselves, or you could say the musicians behind the story. I think we achieved this pretty well with the new video!”